Herbal Medicine

Jamila works with Chinese and western herbs, in various forms: liquid herbal extracts, freeze-dried granules and pills. Vitamins and minerals are also considered as an aspect of herbal medicine. The Chinese knew the value of giving minerals in the form of ground up shells to support the nervous system: today a mineral specific to the need of the client is much easier and more direct method of treatment. Many herbs have vitamins, and iron is provided in ancient very specific Chinese herbal formulae.

Herbs are most helpful when working with women’s health, fertility, digestive and respiratory disorders, treating anxiety, stress, immune disorders, support for chemotherapy and radiation, exhaustion. There are also some wonderful formulae that stop colds and flu in their tracks.

Jamila Cranston-Buckley


MNZRA LAc(USA) Dipl Acup. (USA)

179 A Ponsonby Road
Entrance top of Franklin Road
Phone: 021 930 881
Email: jamila@circularwisdom.nz

Glen Eden clinic also available

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