The Five Elements

Treatments that Harmonise with the Seasons

The energies of each season bring unique qualities that we experience in our five bodies: the physical body, mental body, emotional body, heart and relationship body, and the spiritual body. Consciously working with the energies of each season can bring a new dimension to personal growth, well being, balance, tone and rhythm. Each season brings its own rhythm and set of qualities.


Wood element

New life, new possibilities, expansion, change, new growth

Wood is experienced in blossoms, flowering in a multitude of colors and fauna in every shade of green. Fragile new life and new growth progressing from seed to massive tree. Diversity!  .
Spring ,the season of new life, new growth, potential, vision , goals and expansion into new possibilities. Hard work, flexibility, action, movement forward, progressive, planning to meet goals, step by step action plan, decisions what to leave and what to maintain and work on. Compassion and empathy, the opposite of rigidity. The big picture .


Fire element

The energies of laughter,  joy, playfulness, communication, following the unique path of your heart

Patience the secret of Love is challenged when there is too much fire.
Summer, season of fire and the heart brings opportunities to experience the natural joy and peace found in relating with your Self. From connection with Self all relationships and connections have more potential for lightness, joy, connection, communication that is authentic, ability to share the difficulties life brings. Some of the things that Healthy Fire Element can bring are: spirit, sparkle in the eyes, expansion of consciousness, play, communication, co-operation, leadership, lightness and light, restoration for the heart-mind and inner child.
Finding the natural rhythm of your heart, of work, play and rest, listening and speaking, absorbing and understanding. Awareness of interconnection with the web of life. Receiving and giving Warmth, kindness, sharing and generosity, the things which heal a wounded heart and feelings of isolation.

Late summer

Earth Element

Centre,  abundance from Earth Mother giving us, sustenance for soul through beauty and the marvel of creation

Sustenance for body with abundant Food. All that is Nurturing, caring, supportive, rhythms of sleeping-waking menstrual –moon cycles, eating regular meals creates rhythm in our life, work-play, giving and receiving , transformation from one season to another season. Transforming food to energy. The ability to change and grow as a human being. All digesting issues, all nourishment issues, all resentment issues, have you given more than you allow yourself to receive, or have you given and given with not enough receiving of the things that nourish you.


Metal Element

Leaves are falling, letting go becomes a theme

Trust in the process, open to all that has been received in spring, summer and Indian summer, remembering and valuing the gifts received. The Gift of life and breath. Gratitude, thankfulness for all that we have. Feeling that your cup is full! There is enough, space , food etc for everyone to flourish if we are not caught in greed and grasping.


Water element

Origins of our existence in the waters of womb and ocean, essence of being, in the depth of our being we connect with essence of All Life

Winter is a time of restoration, reflection, stillness, will , power  and strength. To get through the dark times in life we need courage, optimism rather than fear both look to the future, one bring hope and good outcomes the other drains energy and attracts the very things that are feared. If you notice that you are often concerned about what might happen, it is always there in the back of your mind then supporting your kidney energy will help enormously.
Often overworked and too busy the kidney energies are drained, adrenals are part of kidney in Chinese medicine. Winter is a good time to take a rest and kidney tonics do wonders.

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