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Treatments that Harmonise with the Seasons

The energies of each season bring unique qualities that we experience in our five bodies, the physical body, mental body, emotional body, heart and relationship body, and the spiritual body. Consciously working with the energies of each season can bring a new dimension to personal growth, well being, balance, tone and rhythm. Each season brings its own rhythm and set of qualities.

Five Elements Acupuncture with Jamila Cranston-Buckley

Oriental Medicine views each being as perfect and unique

It emphasizes lifestyle as a primary cause of disease and a key component of the treatment plan. Identify the impact of your lifestyle choices, and receive support in establishing change in your life. Jamila works in a holistic way, with Acupuncture, Herbs, Massage and the natural ability within each human being to heal. Acupuncture restores balance, harmony and rhythm within the body. Balance, harmony and rhythm are the foundations of good health and wellbeing. Treatment addresses the needs of the physical body, the emotional body, the mental body, heart–relating body and the spiritual body. Diagnosis involves observation of colour, pulse, tongue, sound of voice, and palpation of various acupuncture points.

Much of the conversation with a client is considered diagnosis or treatment. Questioning discerns which elements that are calling and the type of attention needed to treat hot, cold, damp, inner, outer, excess or deficient conditions. Very often a string of odd symptoms seemingly with no connection to each other are found to fit a pattern in Chinese medicine. This helps to make sense of what is happening in the body and provides a plan of action to address symptoms that can seem hard to understand and manage. A treatment plan and goals that are specific to each person is created with a suggested frequency or number of treatments.

Jamila Cranston-Buckley


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